September 13, 2022

Emergency Call Out to Business Critical Equipment

An engineer attended an emergency call out on a Straddle Truck used for handling subsea umbillical pipes. The 20 foot high vehicle had failed to start, blocking access across the clients site and causing substantial downtime costs.


Following investigation it was found the high pressure fuel line had failed and needed to be replaced along with the fuel pump.


Drawing on Royston’s position as a DEUTZ agent the procurement team set about trying to purchase these parts as a matter of urgency, but hit problems as there was no stock of these parts in the UK. Coordinating with DEUTZ directly in Germany, Royston arranged for the client to fly to Germany and hand carry the new spare parts back to the UK.


Working in partnership with the client, the parts were fitted as soon as the client returned and the machinery was back operational with 24 hours of the call out.

This was a single point of failure for us and could have had a much bigger impact if it wasn’t for Royston’s efforts. Working together has allowed us to minimise downtime. The professionalism shown and understanding of our needs should be commended.

Maintenance Group Leader

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