Royston are authorised agents for Napier Turberchagers

Royston are authorised agents for Napier Turbochargers for spare parts, overhauls, service and sales.

Napier is a world leader in the design, manufacture and support of industrial turbochargers. With over 60 years of experience, Napier have produced more than 50,000 turbochargers for marine, power generation and rail applications.

In February 2013, Napier was bought by the Wabtec Corporation; a global provider of value-added, technology-based products and services primarily for the rail and transit industry.

Napier Turbochargers can be overhauled and repaired at Royston along with sourcing for geniune spare parts

Spare Parts
Genuine Napier spare parts are manufactured to precise tolerances in the same product factory as the turbochargers, where they undergo stringent testing to ensure quality, reliability, longevity and safety. Only by using genuine spare parts can you maintain the integrity, performance and reliability of your Napier turbocharger and even prolong the lifecycle of both the spare part and the whole unit.
Whether onboard or in our workshop our engineers are Napier trained, have the Napier tooling and experience to support your turbochargers including emergency response. We support, but not limited to, the following frame sizes - NA series including NA295, NA355, NA297, NA307, NA357, NA397, NA455, NA457; MS series including MS90, MS100, MS200; SA series including SA085, SA105 and the latest NT range including NT10 and NT12.