August 1, 2023

Generator Overhaul Onboard Diving Vessel

An overhaul project was conducted on two Himsen 9H 25/33 generators onboard a diving vessel in the port of Kristiansand, Norway. The client required comprehensive 16,000-hour and 8,000-hour overhauls to ensure optimal performance and reliability. The project was executed in line with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) recommendations, resulting in a project that was completed on time and in budget.

Work scope:

The work scope involved the generators being disassembled to allow cylinder heads to be dismantled, cleaned and overhauled onboard. Multiple critical components, such as engine mounts, valves, pistons and conrods, main bearings and crankshafts were also checked and necessary repairs conducted before final inspection was conducted and the generators were then reassembled. Electrical and cooling systems were also inspected for abnormalities or debris, identified issues were addressed before being cleaned and evaluated.


The overhaul project was conducted efficiently, adhering to the prescribed timeline and minimising downtime for the diving vessel and executed in a cost-effective manner without compromising the quality of work.

The Vessel Superintendent expressed praise and satisfaction with the completed overhaul. The generators were restored to their peak performance, offering enhanced reliability and longevity for future operations.

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