September 13, 2022

Investigation Leads to New Cartridge Installation and Overhaul of Damaged Turbocharger

As Napier turbocharger authorised agents with Napier trained engineers, Royston were approached to investigate a long running oil leak on a Napier NA358 turbocharger on a Wartsila diesel generator in a manufacturing plant.

Once on site, after removing the compressor casing there was signs of damage to the impeller and carbon build up from a turbine oil leak preventing air flow through the turbocharger.


After removing the old turbocharger, a new cartridge was fitted with oil pressure checked, clearances assessed, nozzle and shroud fasteners checked and torqued to manufacturers recommendations, engine prelube deisolated and a trial completed.

The defective turbocharger was brought back to Royston’s workshop for cleaning and full overhaul.


The clients generator was fully operational within the same day and the overhauled set was returned to be used as a replacement should a failure occur in the future.

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