April 4, 2023

New Doha Marine Z-Peller work propels Royston to Middle East success

Marine engineering and propulsion specialist Royston has completed an essential overhaul of critical propulsion systems onboard the OSV Topaz Sophie for Doha Marine Services.

The work saw engineers from UK-based Royston travel to the DDW shipyard in Dubai to carry out the work on two Niigata Z-Peller thruster on the 75-metre length vessel. This was part of a package of planned maintenance and overhaul of key propulsion equipment that included removing and refitting propellers, renewing steering seals, determining water ingress and oil leaks, checking gearboxes, rebuilding seal boxes, fitting new seals and gaskets.

An engineering inspection of the port steering seal liner also revealed heavy wear marks so the unit was removed and replacement parts fitted before final reassembly. Both port and starboard rope guards were checked and refitted before the Z-Pellers were fully tested and the vessel returned to service.

Hatem Monir at Doha Marine Services, said: “Royston’s professionalism, work ethic and OEM engineering skills are first class, enabling the work on Topaz Sophie to be completed quickly and efficiently, minimising disruptions to the vessel’s busy operational schedule.”

North East of England-based Royston is a fully trained and tooled Niigata agent, working on a wide range of UK and international marine engineering jobs for fleet owners and operators.

Shaun Cairns, the company’s operations manager, said: “This work shows our strong experience and capabilities in all round marine engineering and propulsion systems diagnostics and repair work. Even if the vessel is located overseas, and regardless of the condition of its power units, it proves that we can deliver a rapid, effective service together with unparalleled experience and expertise.”

One of seven sister vessels, the Topaz Sophie, which is a 3,300 DWT, DP2 platform supply vessel currently operates in the Persian Gulf out of Doha Port.