March 19, 2020

Royston’s Turbocharged Service Delivers for Research Vessel

Marine propulsion engineers Royston has completed the overhaul of two turbocharger units as part of service work on a marine diesel engine onboard Gardline’s research vessel, MV Ocean Endeavour.

The project saw the removal of the heavy-duty ABB VTR 200 turbochargers from the vessel’s Mirrlees Blackstone ES6 engines and transportation from Hull docks to Royston’s test and repair centre on the banks of the River Tyne in the North East of England.

There, the units were dismantled and inspected by engineers for signs of wear or damage before being cleaned, serviced and reassembled with new bearings, seals and joints. The rotor shaft was also blasted and balanced while filter panels were re-packed with copper mesh.

After being repainted, the unit was returned to the MV Ocean Endeavour where it was reconnected to the engine and tested to ensure oil and charge air pressures were in line with appropriate tolerances.

Royston’s specialist turbocharger test and repair facility in Newcastle upon Tyne features a Schenk H3BU horizontal balance machine alongside an IRD B5OU-290 instrument, as part of a precision instrumentation capability to carry out balance testing.

This allows skilled engineers to undertake specialist work, which can involve the removal and replacement of turbochargers and components as well as the re-routing of associated pipework.

Shaun Cairns, Royston’s operations manager, said: “Our experience with the engine and vessel type ensured the work was carried out efficiently and effectively, enabling the Ocean Endeavour to return to important sea-going operations as quickly as possible.

“Vessel operators can achieve considerable cost savings when using service providers like Royston without compromising the quality and standard of engineering work provided.”

The MV Ocean Endeavour’ is part of fleet of dredgers, offshore support vessels and pontoons and barges owned and operated by Gardline that currently includes Ocean Reliance, Ocean Researcher, Ocean Observer, Kommandor, Ocean Vantage, Ivero and Vigilant.

Dave Newcombe, marine workshop supervisor at Gardline, said: “As a global operator, we not only require efficiency gains, but also rapid and effective service solutions. Royston’s experience, expertise and streamlined operation is a huge advantage for any customer like us looking for beneficial gains.”